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Short overview of how things are going in the first sprint

Our first sprint is already almost over! The goal of this sprint was to visualise a synthesis of motivational theories (for varying age groups), drawing parallels with present tech in therapies. We thought it was good to start off with doing research about what it actually is that motivates people to do the things to do and how this can be used for tech in therapies.

We started with a full day of deciding on the sprint goal and planning the sprint. It was really good to see how everyone had different views on what the end goal of the project should be. The days after we spent just on finding, reading and summarizing articles, mostly about motivational theories and technology and gamification for physical therapy. It was really interesting to do this research, but after those days I couldn’t read any more words. After we increased our knowledge and gathered enough information, we started to share our findings with each other to get even more knowledge of the different fields (motivation and tech). We tried to find some parallels between the motivational theories and tech in therapies but there wasn’t much to find yet. Currently, we’re almost done with the creation of a website that shows different motivational theories. So far it’s all going well!

Team H&T

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