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Bloom open space: a poetic wrap-up 

what: here goes there
when: 23 feb 2018
why not, 🙂












Hues of pink and blue on screens in a tall dark chamber; the first sight was promising.

Being ushered in the dark to plug a seemingly alien device onto the eyes was portent of what was to come. We had before us folks already plugged to the alternate reality, mediating their ways using fingers.

We joined them and made our own colourful bubbles, hues of orange, blue and pink…Bubbles merging with each other, colliding to form bigger vibrant wholes.

What lasted for 15 minutes was scanning the visual space with altered eyes, and snapping fingers. A seemingly simple act, laden with a lot of possibilities for future.

Technology for altering our perspective and engagement with spaces?, please more. 🙂 

p.s: we headed to tun tun club post this and had ze fun on the arcade, post drinks, corurtesy pavel.
p.p.s: much thanks to pavel for organising this and media labs for making it a part of our academic learning.
p.p.p.s: image credits, joao.

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