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Agnes Günther

Industrial and Communication Designer

Edoardo Mercati

Industrial Designer

Iain Kettles


Luiz Ferreira

Industrial Engineer



Research & Interview

We started the sprint 2 with a research user story related to getting more information about the user’s need.  At that point we thought about creating a quick survey, apply it, collect the results in an online platform, analyze it and get extra insights.


During our Ideation and Idea Selection Workshop later that week we realized that applying an online survey would not be as beneficial as an interview itself.  Therefore we decided to convert our questionnaire (click here) into and interview. We understand that this research format would allow the interviewer to get deeper information about how the worker feels about the workspace and interacts with it.

Before asking any question it was explained that all the information collected in that survey was confidential. We explained that the aim was to collect data and turn it into knowledge so the results, expectations and deliverables could be properly aligned.

Research and Interview


Two workers were interviewed. Afterwards we had a conversation with 3 of them regarding Smit’s opportunities to improve the workflow. This environment was created after the interview process so they could feel more at ease to share their thoughts. The most valuable insights are summarized on the image to the left.

The next step regarding user research is having more workers from other areas of the company interviewed so we can confirm these consultation and add more information to the research.

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