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Agnes Günther

Industrial and Communication Designer

Edoardo Mercati

Industrial Designer

Iain Kettles


Luiz Ferreira

Industrial Engineer



Electrical Installation Field Reserach


We used the same methodology of field research to gain a better insight into our user’s tasks, on this occasion we visited an installer working in the Electrical Installation department. On the previous visit we only observed some basic maintenance work, the increased complexity of his work allowed us to gain further insights into the user’s tasks. From our experience on the previous visit we improved our research questions and method to make our research more effective.


We have observed that the installers work in poor light conditions, especially in the morning when the sun has not risen, they choose to adopt a flashlight during these situations.We also observed the situations these workers have to document the information. They have to complete a report of the hours worked in order to keep Smit informed for payroll and information purposes. They also have to document if any change is made in the original project by altering the drawing and sending it to the Engineering department.


Visiting the client whilst the user is working is a very important task, it gave us important insights about the requirements of the user.

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