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Games 4 Health

What motivates people in their 20s to improve their amount of physical activity in a Dutch urban environment?


Rick Borgeld

Interaction Designer / Researcher

Paula Barreto

Marketeer/ researcher

Karen de Graaf


Suzanne Tromp




Our visit to NISB

Friday we went to the NISB in Ede to meet our partner for the second time. After arriving at the NISB we got a small tour through the office. It a regular office with different rooms, but a place where people could work everywhere. Nobody (except for our partner) has a fixed spot. Health is an essential part in the office as well, different work-out opportunities were available like a treadmill with a desk in front of it and small ping pong tables.

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 4.05.17 PM

We talked to Ben Weghorst from the library and he has send us some really helpful information about health and possible target groups. The meeting with our partner was very fruitful as well. After talking to him we tweaked our research question a bit and came up with the following:

What motivates people in their 20s to improve their amount of physical activity in a Dutch urban environment?

Our target group will be people in a Dutch urban environment between the age of 20 to 30. We, our partner and us, feel that this group is very interesting, because they will face a big change in their routine in this phase of life. They will go from student to having a job and maybe a family as well. It is known that big changes in life will change behaviour, and that things like physical activities will have a smaller priority than before. We think it will be interesting to fit being physically active in the busy schedules of this target group.

At first, we will explore the city of Amsterdam as an example for the Dutch urban environment. Later we will focus on other big cities in The Netherlands too.

Now we are busy doing our research and answering our sub questions in order to answer our main question. We will keep you updated!foto (2)

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