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Data Driven Innovation project (aka #DATASS)



Creative director

Dataviz and graphic designer

Innovation consultant

Media researcher


Every day the (Dutch) media is confronted with the huge impact of increasing digitization and datafication on the industry.  The transition from analogue (broadcast) to digital (Over the Top) networks means that people can watch video at any desired moment from every desired device and enables companies to truly interact with the viewers. These interactions produce data. These data could be used to learn more about the viewer or produce new sorts of services, however these opportunities often remain unused or pushed to the backburner. The challenge for us is to Develop one or more ‘live’ data based media concepts that can strengthen or even replace video. Discover which new interactions we can create during live programming (in a stadium or streaming) that creates new (commercially interesting) data on the viewers.

This is #DATASS

Hi to everyone!

We are Rotem (Israel), Lorenzo (Italy), Maylis (Netherlands) and Nerea (Spain) and we are #DATASS!
In next weeks we will work on Data Driven Innovation: how to incorporate unused data in new business models.

Our experience at MediaLab in Amsterdam has just begun!

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