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Cynergy with a C

Welcome to our blog!

Last week we started with a new adventure: an internship at MediaLab. After a couple of days getting to know each other and emerging ourselves in scavenger hunting, cooking challenges and listening to each others Pecha Kucha presentations… It’s time to get started!

The first task was to create an identity for our team. We talked, discussed, dreamt and came up with a lot of ideas. Looking through this sea of ideas we decided to go with Cynergy:

  • C for clean, ‘cooperative’, combination, creation, creativity, culture and more
  • our team exists of various international people with different backgrounds and disciplinary skills. Together we are a synergy 
  • synergy but then with a ‘C’: Cynergy

// Team flag

After deciding our team name we started thinking about our team motto. Again we stumbled in a world full of (sometimes cliché) ideas. To stay in style of Cynergy, we thought of the idea to move two worlds together: the digital and physical versus thought and action. With this, we want to make people
realize that they as individuals matter and can change the world.

We strive to be:

  • progressive
  • creative
  • dynamic
  • user oriented
  • experimental

Last but not least, we worked on creating our group photo while incorporating the grid provided of MediaLab. We experimented with different styles, colours and text and came up with the following examples:

// Team photo. From left to right: Jake, Nour, Barbara and Martijn

// Team motto combined with a group photo

Next up: the makers sprint!

Until next time,


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