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We as Net-Makers Want to Foster an Elastic Thinking Movement, Choosing Amsterdam as a Creative Playground.


Shubhojit Mallick (IN)
Jeroen Ruijter (NL)
Mizuki Kojima (JP)
Enrico Catalano (IT)
Camila Olivera (BR)



The week with prototyping & testing

As we move closer to the end, the team has  buckled up and decided to do a bunch of testing with people within the lab and outside. We created wireframes with the ” Must Haves” features and decided that the square tile design is what we would follow. Continuing with our tradition; the web-responsive platform is termed “PITA” .( Pain In The A$$)

Foto 02-12-2013 16 31 06 Here we find Mr. Catalano giving the “Padrino” look.

Foto 02-12-2013 16 31 17


We collected the feedback and articulated all of it into a document which by the way looks really insane.

The testing allowed us to focus more on user needs and helped remove all the features we assumed were important.

Foto 06-12-2013 11 00 32 Here we discussed and analysed our prototypes with everyone.


The coming 2 months would be really exciting. stay tuned !!


The week with the final concept

After hours of intense and near murderous discussions, we finally decided upon our concept.


The user journey video can be found here:


The week with the web based platform

After months of deliberation and insane fights, we finally managed to reach a consensus about our project… So our innovative, mind blowing idea would be free to view and all of YOU can have a taste of our hard-work. So stay tuned while we develop our web based platform.


The whole idea revolves around the fact that we need to present information at the bottom of the “information pyramid” i.e. the information not available on google to the emerging creative professionals. Here’s a sneak peek into our concept.

Foto 07-11-2013 14 41 13 (1)

While we were working our ass off we decided to indulge in Yoga, arm wrestling and random crazy things which didn’t make sense.

Foto 05-11-2013 20 54 26  Foto 05-11-2013 17 57 32