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We as Net-Makers Want to Foster an Elastic Thinking Movement, Choosing Amsterdam as a Creative Playground.


Shubhojit Mallick (IN)
Jeroen Ruijter (NL)
Mizuki Kojima (JP)
Enrico Catalano (IT)
Camila Olivera (BR)



The week with the moodboards.

Foto 03-12-2013 14 58 51 Foto 03-12-2013 14 58 53


Building up from last week’s prototypes, this week we tried to zero in on colours, fonts, design icons and trying to come up with better, more defined outlines.

The Moodboards: A collection of colours, fonts, layouts and quirky design features was presented by all of us. We then discussed why we liked it or why it would be a problem.

All in all, we decided to revamp our logo, the colour palette and hence we will have a more consistent design from now on.

Icon_customs Color Pallet



Our brain rocketing sessions:

Foto 06-12-2013 11 00 37

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