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We as Net-Makers Want to Foster an Elastic Thinking Movement, Choosing Amsterdam as a Creative Playground.


Shubhojit Mallick (IN)
Jeroen Ruijter (NL)
Mizuki Kojima (JP)
Enrico Catalano (IT)
Camila Olivera (BR)



Research Paper: Connecting the Creative Scene of Amsterdam


This project aims to uncover, create and facilitate networks having Amsterdam as the creative playground. This study is about providing nets between the creative professionals and the creative scene of Amsterdam. A com- bination of desk research and field research gave insights on the creative scene question that lies not in the ‘direct connecting’ part of a network but in the ‘finding’ part. However there is a need to identify information about the creative scene in Amsterdam and then combine it, make it open and useful for creative professionals. Based on this information a responsive web platform was developed. This platform provides a way to creative professionals to access the creative database of Amsterdam, searching through people, organisation, places and events to in the end con- nect the creative scene of Amsterdam.

Keywords: Creative industries, Amsterdam, network, web based platform.


Download the final paper here: Creative_City_Final_Paper

The week with the final presentations.

And guess what, we blew everyone away !!!!!  We were gone in 500 seconds and left the audience asking for more….


Check out the video here.

Creative Amsterdam – Teaser from MediaLAB Amsterdam on Vimeo.


With lots of wishes and loads of feedback we look forward to connecting the world.


Please take a look at the final paper here .

The week with all the procrastination

So this week we were busy designing, testing, re-testing, re-re-testing and basically trying to make the web platform as intuitive as possible….. The coders couldn’t figure why every browser was such a pain in the A$#…. We couldn’t figure out why every tester was a potential threat to our ‘baby’…

Here are some screen shots of the “coder’s dilemma”.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 10.06.38 Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 10.07.48

While a lot of things were still not working, we were quite surprised with the features which actually worked flawlessly. Take a look at our background images.


134308441 185827684

And after this week’s presentation, at the end of the day; what we can say with full conviction is :

At-least our presentation skills were Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious .


ALLOW US TO CONQUER YOUR…. your….uhmmm.. errr… your phones ?? !!!



The week with the design & development

The Creative City team welcomes you back, and wishes you a Happy New year.

We have been working towards developing the platform and there’s some stark progress seen in terms of design and the website development. Within the next 3 days we should have the mobile version up and running, but in the meanwhile here’s a small pictorial trailer exclusively for you.



And this is how painful the whole process is. The designers have to specify each and every colour, font, shape, opacity and a million other details which makes a website appealing.  ( F.Y.I: This is only one of the views).





So stay tuned for new updates and some kick-ass designs only for the people in Amsterdam!!

The week with the video mock-up and flowcharts.

We have now made a more comprehensive overview of our web responsive platform. Check out the Creative City mockup video and let us know if your mind is not blown.



We also have a very detailed flowchart, which should give you a very clear idea about how the platform works and interacts with the server.


We also present to you, our icon palette which we derived from our mood boards.


Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela: A tribute

So, the man is dead. And while we were busy celebrating Sinterklaas, the ‘man’ breathed his last. Not that we have anything special with him; But the fact that his struggle had such a cascading effect on such a vast majority of us; it is not an over exaggeration when we say:

Die hard and Prosper !!



The week with the programmers.

Foto 06-12-2013 11 00 29


So give it up for CJC Automatisering BV. Our programmers have decided to help us out with our out-of-the-world; Steve-jobs-coupled-with-jonathan-Ivy- web platform.


Ok, it’s not that bad. But, anyway, now that you’re updated, we can rest in peace.

The week with the moodboards.

Foto 03-12-2013 14 58 51 Foto 03-12-2013 14 58 53


Building up from last week’s prototypes, this week we tried to zero in on colours, fonts, design icons and trying to come up with better, more defined outlines.

The Moodboards: A collection of colours, fonts, layouts and quirky design features was presented by all of us. We then discussed why we liked it or why it would be a problem.

All in all, we decided to revamp our logo, the colour palette and hence we will have a more consistent design from now on.

Icon_customs Color Pallet



Our brain rocketing sessions:

Foto 06-12-2013 11 00 37

The week with prototyping & testing

As we move closer to the end, the team has  buckled up and decided to do a bunch of testing with people within the lab and outside. We created wireframes with the ” Must Haves” features and decided that the square tile design is what we would follow. Continuing with our tradition; the web-responsive platform is termed “PITA” .( Pain In The A$$)

Foto 02-12-2013 16 31 06 Here we find Mr. Catalano giving the “Padrino” look.

Foto 02-12-2013 16 31 17


We collected the feedback and articulated all of it into a document which by the way looks really insane.

The testing allowed us to focus more on user needs and helped remove all the features we assumed were important.

Foto 06-12-2013 11 00 32 Here we discussed and analysed our prototypes with everyone.


The coming 2 months would be really exciting. stay tuned !!


WANTED Front End Developer (HTML + CSS)

The MediaLAB Amsterdam is looking for a developer to produce a web responsive platform that allows users to browse through a database. A developer who uses the mindset ‘content first and mobile first’. The development of the platform will be in close collaboration with the Creative City team of the MediaLAB Amsterdam. The final product should be delivered at the beginning of January 2014.

 Some required features:

●  Searching in the database based on categories and tags(keywords);

●  Join (create profile);

●  Present results via a listed overview as well as mobile based geolocation;

●  Filters based on categories; users, organisations, places and events;

●  Gesture-layered based interaction.

Key responsibilities:

● Develop the fully working BETA version;

● Create the front-end (UI) and back-end (for archiving, etc). The interaction design(.psd & .ai) and information structure will be designed and delivered by student team;

●  Fully annotated code;

●  Comprehensive documentation and archiving of the code (MediaLAB Amsterdam Github repository);

●  Close collaboration with the student team is required with negotiable hours in the MediaLAB (near Weesperplein).


Application deadline: 20th of November 2013.

Please send a resume (with portfolio if available) and motivation letter to: Jeroen Ruijter, hybridcity2013 [at] Remuneration is negotiable. The job interviews will take place on Friday the 22nd of November.

Project Outline:

The aim of the project is to uncover the digital and physical networks in the creative scene of Amsterdam, and to map all the creative places, events and professionals in the city.

This project is taking place in close collaboration with DesignThinkers Group and Natalia Sanchez an embedded researcher from the University of Amsterdam.  The data retrieval will be facilitated by a separate Java programmer.

Download  the the pdf of the full job description here: JOB_Offer_Creative-city