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Interviews in the “Confession Bin”

After the ideation¬†and the realization of our “Confession Bin”, we’re ready to start with the interview. We’ve tried setting up our booth on several locations, in the end we chose the place with more people, a park.

We gave people a tablet with a questionnaire app we made ourselves. They had to answer the questions secretly in privacy inside the confession bin.  The questions asked about the relationship with your bulky waste. Some of questions were multiple choice, and some allowed people to record themselves to actually speak up. Most questions were open-questions with an input field. With this app, we tried to gather as much data as we could.

We attempted to get people from different ethnic groups to use the app.  Women, men, young and old people, even students. We could use this to have more data, about different users, to check and analyze.

Another part of our interview was more interactive, we used another method to do this:  face to face interviews.




Now it’s time to¬†analyze all the interviews!! Afterwards we’ll know more about citizens of ¬†Amsterdam.

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