Post-Master’s Traineeship in Design/Tech
Currently we are looking for several trainees (paid) for our growing multidisciplinary community of learners, creators and designers within the Digital Society School. Trainees that are ready to have an impact on society and its global digital transformation.

As a trainee you are working in team that consists of a Track Owner (responsible for the track as a whole), Senior Researcher (amongst other tasks responsible for guiding the Professional Digital Doctorates and research output), three trainees (this vacancy) and a rotating group of students every half year. The coming period two tracks will start, namely Data Driven Transformation and Getting Physical in a Digital World.

Apply here for becoming a trainee within the Data-Driven Transformation track. And here for the Getting Physical in the Digital World.

Data-Driven Transformation Track
The digital transformation of society confronts the world with significant challenges as well as great opportunities. We may experience the exposure of private data to commercial and political interests, which might cause a digital divide among various populations. However, we may also find data to provide opportunities for a greener economy, self-sustained living or new types of jobs. The contrast between a positive and a negative scenario for the likely impacts of digitisation and the digital transition of society is stirred up by the vast amount of data that are both created and collected. How can we make sure that data-driven transformation will work for society? Within this track we will organise applied research and practice based experimentation in the areas of energy transition, health & wellbeing and smart cities.

‘Getting Physical in a Digital World’ Track
First, physical became digital; today, digital is becoming physical again. The comeback of analogue is upon us now that digital is the new standard/default. The merger of the physical and digital world is fuelled by the Internet of Everything (IoE) trend. IoE is an emerging development of social and economic significance. In health care and transport, consumer products, sensors and other everyday objects are being combined with connectivity and analytics which will influence and transform the way that we interact in society. Where the digital world is causing a social divide between groups of people that either can or cannot keep up with technology, the IoE can bridge this gap by offering more intuitive physical experiences with the digital world. However, the IoE also brings challenges that could interfere with its potential benefits. Topics such as privacy, security, trust and inclusion become more and more important. In this track, you will study, develop and conduct applied research on how society can benefit most from having the ‘best of both worlds’. As well as how one can create a fairer, more secure and inclusive digital society via IoE innovations.

Below is a summary of what you can expect from completing the post-Master’s traineeship with the DSS:

  • conduct applied research for a social challenge in close collaboration with industry and social consortia;
  • develop your own solution (product or service) to that challenge into a working prototype as well as experiments;
  • coach student teams participating in multidisciplinary projects within the track;
  • teach executives and learners in modules such as hackathons and digital camps about topics related to the track theme;
  • learn and expand your skill set in applied research, design and design thinking, entrepreneurship, growth hacking or technology-related topics such as artificial intelligence, machine learning or visual analytics;
  • share your research and knowledge via international platforms, MOOCS and publications.
  • What do we have to offer?
    Besides working in really nice and inspiring team, we can offer you a two-year contract upon demonstration of satisfactory performance. The activities meet the job description for Teaching/Research Assistant. This appointment is made at an entry level and the salary comes under pay scale 9 (€ 2500, CAO HBO, collective labour agreement for universities of applied sciences). The position is a 0,8 fte traineeship position and we offer a 0,2 fte educational programme for the candidate to follow.

    AUAS offers an extensive package of employee benefits, including a generous holiday allowance and payment of a 13th month. Via the AUAS Academy, AUAS also offers excellent opportunities for study and personal development, encouraging employees to continue increasing their professionalism.

    For more information, please contact Margreet Riphagen (PDD Project Manager) via m.riphagen@hva.nl.

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