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Reclaim Experience

In the recent years, Schiphol airport has witnessed a considerable increase in the number of arriving passengers, gradually challenging its baggage reclaim capacity and comfortability. In order to maintain its status as a leading airport and meet long term demand, Schiphol Airport raised the question of how the baggage reclaim can be a part of the overall positive flight experience. Targeting this issue, we developed Fline. a family of chatbots who provide passengers a personalised assistance in every of their steps relieving their baggage worries.

The SCREAM! tool

A problem in the design process of Multidisciplinary Design Teams is the notion of design waste. Design waste happens when parts of the work of the Multidisciplinary Design Team are unavailable for creative reuse. Therefore teams are not able to build upon others work and keep reinventing the wheel. This takes time, creates double work and impedes the creation of better products. We proposed an addition to the SCREAM! approach that will make ‘communicating the process’ with others more effective and subsequently should prevent the waste of design knowledge in the Multidisciplinary Design Teams. 

Modern Energy

Eneco On-The-Go is a service that helps flexible workers stay connected. The service provides green energy solutions that fit the daily flow of on-the-go people and helps them avoid the hassle of ever finding a socket. As battery anxiety becomes a condition that more and more people are suffering from, individuals are in the constant need to stay connected at any expense. Eneco on-the-go makes staying connected easy by finding a solution for mobile dependent users.

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