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Janina Saarnio (FI)

I study media as its boardest sense at the University of Turku, in Finland. As a researcher I get inspiration from different point of views which also has made me to study abroad. At the moment I’m very interested about how some of the nation-states are trying to solve the so-called problem of low birth rate. In the future I would like to work together with the people who have the same dream to make this world equal, safe and sustainable.

Yujie Shan (CN)

I am an undergraduate student studying at Department of Industrial Design of Kyushu University, Japan. I study ergonomics and I do space design, product design, service design. I prefer to design things that fill life with happiness, fun, and surprise. I am always passionate about learning new things and I hope I could learn from others through teamwork in MediaLAB.

Jesse Fabian Klijn (NL)

I am a student at the University Amsterdam of Applied Sciences and I have a passion for Game-Technology and Intercultural Communication. I find these terms to be applicable to almost anything in the world.

This time I am studying in Japan for the Design across Cultures project at Kyushu University.

the time has come to give the #digitalsocietyschool an official presence in the social media world: we are changing our appearance 💇‍♂️! for all updates on our activities you can just stick around, but our handle changes to @DSSAmsterdam #community

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