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Baggage Reclaim

How to change behavior and experience around the baggage reclaim belt of Schiphol Airport




For a sprint, it’s a real sprint

During the review, the concept of turning the belt into a smart chatbot was really appreciated by the assigners. Nevertheless, numbers of technical issues were raised as well as the lack of entertainment in between the notifications. The next step in our concept progress will be to make a clickable prototype taken into account the feedback we have received to make the concept more complete and test it as soon as possible.  For this we first made a version 1 flowchart, to see what choices the user has to deal with and what touch-points we have to design for them.


After the flowchart making it was much easier to make a mock-up for the eventual app, this made us think about the conversation the bot will have with the user. During the translation session we got the feedback that we need to think of several type of passengers the one who want efficiency and the one who want entertainment. So take those two types into mind. Create different scenarios for this group. Linked to these target groups we need to go deeper into the end-goal and motivation of the passengers.


So After revising the prototype we where still uncertain about the flow of the app and the connection to the target group. For them, where does their journey begin and when has their endgoal been reached and how does our concept fit in this.



To test this with the user we made a physical flowchart. The goal of this flowchart is to see what touch-points trigger the passenger to their next one until the end goal. the white cards represent the current touch-points, while the black represents our touchpoint implementations. First we have tested it in MediaLAB with the other international students to have some first feedbacks.


After this first test we have made a few adjustments in the cards and put the order in the right way. To have a better flow in the customer journey. This updated version we have test in the Schiphol Plaza. The question to the passenger was to map their ideal journey, a total of 10 passenger were willing to do this with us.


The result we got out of it was that people are willing to receive a reminder that there bag is coming.
People turn on 3g/4g or wifi before arriving in the reclaim area so the first touchpoint needs to be before the reclaim. The passengers conclude that the end of their journey is after getting the bag

For the next and last sprint we will focus on expand the whole customer journey and make it whole. Also the technicalities of the concept have to be finished. And many many more things.

Stay tuned for updates!


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