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Final sprint: bringing it all together

Week 1

We start the week off with a delicious lunch from our DSS coaches!

Burak works on the functionality of the prediction part of the app so attendees of the expo can actually interact with it. We speak with Wouter about the possible streamer or shout caster from eMense to work at the expo, and with Nico from eMense about the live scraping possibilities for Cs:GO streams to help our data driven prediction system. Robbert also sends the OnLive developer plugin application to combine with the ‘before’ steps of our prediction app.

Our very last sprint planning

The coaches of DSS and Evelien work hard to try and hire a designer for us for around 24 hours to help us with designing the app logo, expo poster and tickets for the expo.

On Tuesday, we had a DSS photoshoot at the EYE museum. We couldn’t have chosen a hotter day but it was a really nice change of pace! Christine felt like a sun-dried tomato afterwards. Don’t forget to hydrate these days folks.

The photoshoot was a bit conceptual. Who works on tech in the scalding sun?

The results were really good!

Week 2

Christiaan from Rotterdam was hired for a few days to help us design expo materials. Everyone has their own tasks that they fulfill during the week. Christine provides the descriptions for Christiaan’s visuals, Burak adds the finishing touches to the Hexagon app and Rizal starts experimenting with the video. The contents of the expo are also discussed further.

Designer Christiaan has been gracing us with his presence this week

A director at work

Week 3

Christiaan joins us once again on Monday to help with the final touches. He designed a ton of stuff for us:

  • Hexagon logo
  • Research Poster
  • Customer Journey map of the esports attendees and the online watchers
  • Tickets
  • Promotion banner
  • Improved design of the Hexagon app

Thank you so much Christiaan!

We run a few tests with the app using our DSS colleagues as guinea pigs 🙂

We wrap this sprint up with our final partner meeting. Some final feedback for the expo preparation is given. Now on to the final days before the expo!

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