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Research, research, research..

We add the finishing touches to our stakeholders map, Casper as the scrum-master tries to contact everyone we want to meet with, while Rizal and Burak work on the ‘Why’ of our team: why do we want to do what we do?

Meanwhile, I’m drowning in all the research papers, but it does feel we have made a better framework for ourselves.

We have a sprint review with Evelien and Wouter, and they give some useful feedback. The most important thing is that we need to define what the ‘Experience’ means for us more properly.

On friday we go to the Bloom! AR exhibition. A funny sight and a peaceful experience.

The next week, it’s finally Aim’s turn to show everyone at MediaLAB what their cooking skills are made of! Or actually, Burak’s mom helped a lot……

We made a lot!

Right after lunch, we rush to Haarlem in Rizal’s luxurious car to meet our stakeholders of eMense. They already have a lot of pre-research done and provide us useful information on the esports community and the fan experience.

They had a giant steel man standing in the hall so of course we had to take a picture with it

We have a peer feedback session on Wednesday. We spend the rest of the day trying to improve our findings and presentation, mainly while focusing on our definition of ‘the Experience’.

Some of the gentle feedback we got from our MediaLAB teammates

The next day it is time for us to present our sprint 1 findings to every one of our stakeholders. Burak shows the app he’s been working on that is based on the swiping mechanism of Tinder. We want to use it as an interactive way of conducting our questionnaires, but after talking about it with our stakeholders, we decide that it’s wise to focus on what kind of data we want to actually gather before starting to think about the format of the questions. It’s great to see everyone together enthusiastically bouncing ideas off of each other! Afterwards, Evelien, Wouter, and team AIM gather together for a final retrospection on sprint 1. We discuss what the best course of action will be for now and decide on working closely together with ExMachina for sprint 2.

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