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Hybrid Design Processes in Fashion


Michael Lovett
Yang Chen
Sophie Schaminee
Amber Slooten
Kaveh Khorramian


An Interview with Freark Broersma

“As a team we would like to talk to people with technical background so that we get more information about potential technologies.”

So last Thursday we had an intriguing interview with Freark Broersma, who has a mixed background in computer animation, game design, motion & face tracking and dynamic simulation. With him answering some questions we had, we were excited about the fact that there are some possible ways to realize realistic modeling and simulation. This is to say; we may not only be able to create an avatar with more natural movements, but also the simulation of some fabrics. Together we discussed several 3D clothing software and very powerful tools for 3D modeling and animation, such as Maya. We are also going to explore the possibilities to make something out of their combination.

However, as the discussion went on some problems were revealed as well. We realized that there are a lot of things that we need to test and experiment with. But thanks to Freark we already have some directions to go to. This Thursday we will have another meeting with him, by then we would have some findings and outcomes of our research. We are looking forward to hearing his opinions on our findings and of course we will keep you posted.





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