Kyushu University

I am Ph.D student at Kyushu University now, and I completed my Master degree in Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China.My research on is about design thinking ,how to input traditional culture and cross culture into design thinking process utilising both the social humanism knowledge and technical knowledge .I think it’s meaningful to do this research ,as the future industrial design tendency is diversification and personalisation, Culture reference and input is the powerful inspiring tool to endow design new value .

Gan Yan (CN)

Kyushu University

I am a student in the Design Department at Kyushu University, Japan. I like graphic design and drawing and I will improve that from making my knowledge more broadly. I want to be a person who has some perspectives through this project and hipe to share local cultures via graphic design.

Nami Egashira (JP)

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

I am a student at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and really like to play and make games. It is interesting to see and think about the stuff that happens behind the scenes to make a game. Albeit a triple A game or a game that does not sell at all. I came here to Japan to broaden my horizon about game designs and the way of design thinking. By following this path I hope to be able to improve my creativity further.

Sander Tji Hing Cheung (NL)

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

I am a Student of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and I have a strong passion for anything that has to do with Design. With the collaboration between Amsterdam and Fukuoka, I hope to be the knot between two cords to create a powerful bond. I will also be able to expand my knowledge further by working with international people.

Rizal Adji Santoso (NL)

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

I am a student at the University Amsterdam of Applied Sciences and I have a passion for Game-Technology and Intercultural Communication. I find these terms to be applicable to almost anything in the world. Where I find it my job to find these means and implement them from a technical perspective.

Jesse Klijn (NL)

University of Amsterdam

Hi, I am currently studying Media & Culture at the University of Amsterdam. In this bachelor I have chosen the New Media direction, as for me this means endless opportunities to be creative and innovative. I will be working on the Schiphol project. This will be a fun challenge, coming up with a new way of approaching the world we live in and the way we travel. I love to travel.

Loraine Hoogendoorn (NL)

Hogeschool Utrecht

Hi, my name is Fons. I am 25 years old and am a graduate student at “Communication & Media Design” Hogeschool Utrecht. My interests are very diverse which is both a blessing and a curse. Because what in the world do I want to do once I’m graduated? I will however say that I am very interested in video production. Editing might just be a dreamjob.

Fons Martens (NL)

University of Leicester

I’m a strategic designer who believes in sustainability and Innovation. I just finished my Msc in Marketing at University of Leicester. Before England, I got my  degree in design from Los Andes University. I was born and raised in the land of the magical realism, Colombia. Problem solver and traveller. Looking for chaos and inspiration around the world.

Johanna Cubillos (CO)

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

I am a senior at the aforementioned university. I’m majoring in Communication & Multimedia Design, which is all about interactive design (both visual and interaction). I’ll be designing for Schiphol this semester and I can’t be more excited about it!

Mike Ekkel (NL)

Kyushu University

I am a student of Kyushu-u University, Japan. I major Visual Communication Design. I have skills of making movie and graphic design. I would like to help many people and make their happy by my design, and grow up myself as a global designer with cool members!

Kazuhide Shibata (JP)

University of Amsterdam

I recently graduated from UvA with a Masters in Sociology: Social Problems & Social Policy. I am passionate about art, reading, creating, writing, volleyball, and how media and technology impact social interaction and well-being. I am eager to explore these topics through the MediaLab’s creative, collaborative, and international setting.

Mackenzie Orr (US)

KEA - Copenhagen School of Design and Technology

I work with trends and thrive to improve concepts through branding and design. Through analytic research and a very intuitive approach I compose visual experiences. Therefore design thinking is an important method for my work.

Sebastian Langer (DK)

Hogeschool van Asmterdam

My name is Suzanne and I am a visual designer, studying at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. I love photography,  doing research and getting inspiration from new technology. I am especially interested in how technology could change our world. I will be writing my graduation thesis during the KLM project.

Suzanne Klooster (NL)

University of Salford

I am a 21-year-old tea-obsessed computer scientist from the University of Salford. I love programming, gaming, cycling, and exploring the world. I’ll be working as the coder for team KLM, and I look forward to working with my great team!

James Joyce (UK)

I am a branding designer and a nursery teacher. I have worked at Ad agency for 19years as a creative director. I am curious about a design thinking and  education for children. In a near future I would like to provide the service design and integrated solution for make a better communication ,market and branding through these experiences.

Kazumitsu Yoshida (JP)

Queensland University of Technology

I am an Australian designer researching the effectiveness UX and design principles in creating civic engagement. I am completing a Masters of Interaction Design and I hope to use the methods I have learnt there and at MediaLab to design experiences that make people feel happy, safe and in control of their environment.

Grace Houghton (AU)

University of Amsterdam

I am looking to combine social innovation with beautiful and functional design. I started in London at the art academy. Made my way to Amsterdam to study Fashion and Branding and am currently in the last phase of my Media and Culture bachelors’ degree, at the University of Amsterdam.

Sangeeta van Beemen (NL)

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences

I’m a 20-year-old IT student from South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences. My primary background is computer networking and app development, but I’m greatly interested in media studies and productions. At MediaLAB, I hope to apply my technical skills in a creative way to develop a valuable project that I can be proud of.

Bogdan Moroz (RU)

University of Amsterdam

Hi, I’m Claire and I’m currently studying the MA Heritage and Memory Studies at the University of Amsterdam. I’m a creative thinker and come from an interdisciplinary background. With very little experience in the field of Media Studies, being an intern at MediaLAB will introduce me to the world of New Media and teach me exciting new skills.

Claire Farbrace (UK)

University of Amsterdam

My name is Leon Hollander and I am studying communication science at the university of Amsterdam. Last semester I spent a half year in France doing my minor in economics and business at SciencesPo Paris. During my internship at MediaLAB I work as researcher for a project led by the municipality of Amsterdam concerning the awareness of waste collection points among citizens.

Leon Hollander (NL)

Polytechnic University of Madrid

I am Raquel, and I study Architecture in the Polytechnic of Madrid (ETSAM). I am very interested in how architecture is implementing the technology in the space, and how that is shaping our lives in so many ways. I’m into 3d animation and simulations as tools that I believe have so much potential.

Raquel Villa (ES)

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

I’m Max Mallon, a Game Development student at the HvA in Amsterdam. I love games, obviously, but also photography and astronomy, and lots more still. I look forward to meeting lots of people from different countries and cultures, and to learning how to work with them. As well as utilising my own skills, and acquiring new ones.

Max Mallon (NL)

Politecnico di Torino

I’m an Italian Eco Designer, my name is Beatrice Costa. I studied at the department of Design, Visual Communication and Systemic Design in Politecnico of Turin. I’m very interested in the innovations and the Virtual Design. I love the animation 3d and game design. I am really curious what we can accomplish for Amsterdam project all together.

Beatrice Costa (IT)

IE University

I am a creative designer with an inclination towards social intervention and impact. Very interested in new media culture and the way it will reshape the world. A slightly awkward passion towards team work. Masters graduate of I.E. School of Human Sciences & Technology. Always up for a challenge.

2016-2017 → Portfolio

Lynn Dika (LB)

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

I’m 21-year-old game developer from Amsterdam. I study at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

I love technology, and I always try to think out of the box to get the most out of possibilities in order to get a innovative new  product. I see gaming as a form of art, so that is why I choose to specialize in that field.

2016-2017 → Portfolio

Erik Oegema (NL)

Pontifica Universidad Javeriana

I am a Colombian industrial designer who believes that design can impact society’s behavior and transform it to reach new places and interactions. I  believe that we need to use what we already have instead of producing more. Let’s change our perception and start living as part of the world together!

2016-2017 → Portfolio

Daniela Cortes (CO)

Utrecht University

I am currently a graduate student at the University Utrecht studying New Media and I hold a Bachelors of Arts in International Relations. In the past I’ve worked at NGOs and foundations in Thailand as well as Austria. I’ve been involved in curating museum pieces and organizing conferences for professionals that work in development. In my free time you will find me in the park reading, trying to learn a new language, or debating politics with a friend.

2016-2017 → Portfolio

Anna Bleakley (IE)

PUC - Rio

He who wants the world to remain as it is,doesn’t want it to remain at all. Design your life to design the future. There’s nothing better to present myself then these two sentences that synthesize my intentions as a designer. “Design your life to design the future” is a reminder to people face design and creativity as an extension of their lives. Something that is going to develop at some point. We’re not going to design an object or a book, but an IDEA.

2016-2017 → Portfolio

Alexandre Paranagua (BR)

Kyushu University

My background is Acoustic and Interaction Design. Through this project, I would like to improve all my skills to do more creative work. I love to think and make something. I keep imagining what makes people happy by designing something. Art and Design save the world!

2016-2017 → Portfolio

Shogo Takahashi (JP)

Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden

‘Without music, life would be a mistake’ – Friedrich Nietzsche. I think this quote says a lot about me. Music isn’t only rhythm, melody and words. It connects people and creates opportunity to practice everything in life. My specialties are communication, strategy formulation, branding/identity and design.’

2016-2017 → Portfolio

Jordano Piloto (NL)

Universite Francois Rabelais

An Architect and Urban planning Researcher by profession. More of a doer- I cook, I travel, I paint and I never know what’s on my list next. I believe in being defined by these verbs rather than a noun.

2016-2017 → Portfolio

Aparna Udayasuriyan (IN)

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

I am Amanda Herders and I am 22 years old. I am currently studying Game Development and eventually I hope to work on inspiring games. During my internship at MediaLAB Amsterdam, I will be working on the KLM project. I want to get out of my comfort zone and learn a lot from everyone I meet.

2016-2017 → Portfolio

Amanda Herders (NL)

Univeristy of the Andes

I’m a UX Designer, focus on digital media. I worked with design thinking, model business canvas and workshops to generate a solution.  I´m highly interested in work with a multidisciplinary team and learn about others disciplines. 

2016-2017 → Portfolio

Alejandra Sarria (CO)

Kyushu University

My name is  Naoya and 23 years old and I’m a senior of Kyushu university in Japan. My major is graphic and industrial design. I love to spend hours dancing.

2016-2017 → Portfolio

Naoya Nishiyama (JP)

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

My name is Lisa The and I am a passionate game programmer and cats lover. I like to spend my free time to create games and play them. I’ll be working on the SCREAM! project, in which I am responsible for realizing the technical side.

2016-2017 → Portfolio

Lisa The (NL)

University of Amsterdam

My name is Inge van Ee and I am a Dutch Mediastudies student. In the field of New Media & Digital Culture I am interested in notions such as identity, relations, experiences and feelings. How are these constructed in, and mediated through new media? I hope the MediaLAB will be a fruitful and exciting experience!

2016-2017 → Portfolio

Inge van Ee (NL)

Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design

Hi! I’m UX / UI designer from Israel. I studied at the department of visual communication in Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. I specialize in interactive, mobile and web design. In addition I enjoy creating branding, exploring photography, and typography and I am always looking for the next challenge and adventure! 

2016-2017 → Portfolio

Gal Agmon (IL)

Kings College London

Aspiring programmer and researcher. I aim to bridge the gaps between computing and the social sciences. My research interests are largely interdisciplinary and cover digital culture, gamification and game development, digital anthropology. I’m a full time pun-artist and wordsmith. I also make flip-art animations and calligraphy in my free-time.

2016-2017 → Portfolio

Abdelrahman Hassan (EG)

Kyushu University

I’m a student of Kyushu University and major in visual communication design.

I’m very interested in my country’s traditional arts and crafts and would like to make them sustainable by design. Through many trials and errors, I want to improve my ability.

2016-2017 → Portfolio

Tomoko Kobayashi (JP)

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Hi, I am a Human Centered Designer, who specializes in User Experience Design, User interface design and User Interaction design. Curaçao born and raised, but currently residing in the Netherlands. I dream of working at a company that combines all of my top three primary interest design, coding and aircrafts.

2016-2017 → Portfolio

Quinnard Stewart (NL)

Université Sorbonne Nouvelle

“Just graduated from a master in Museology in New Media at Paris, La Sorbonne Nouvelle, I’m eager to have a meaningful experience in a creative environment and expand my knowledge towards other fields by working on Schiphol project.  

With quite a transverse profile – from a research background with new media and communication work experiences – I’m broadly interested in co-creative processes, citizen empowerment, maker culture and inspiring design methods.”

2016-2017 → Portfolio

Johanna Musch (FR)

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Field: ux design, co-creation and service design.

I am a curious and enthusiastic digital designer and artist. Who likes to research and invent different ways to work on projects and carry them out into the world. Besides creating, I will be writing my graduation thesis during the Schiphol project.

2016-2017 → Portfolio

Adinda Persoon (NL)

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

I am a visual and interaction designer that just graduated from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. My main goal while creating is to always improve or create a better user experience. In my spare time I create graphic art, work on projects with my friends and like to make pictures and videos. I also like to play basketball and watch a little bit of Anime.

2016-2017 → Portfolio

Jeffrey Gyamfi (NL)

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Fascinated by the entertainment and theme park world I decided to study Game Development at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Here in Fukuoka I am going to focus on cultural difference between Amsterdam and Fukuoka in an airport context. Hoping to find and learn a new design angle.

2016-2017 → Portfolio

Mark Wong (NL)

Kyushu University

I am a student of Graduate School of Integrated Frontier Sciences, Kyushu University. Before coming to Japan, I finished my bachelor in Beijing and then worked at a PR company. Now it is the 2rd year of my master and I focus on digging the inner feeling of people and improve daily services.

2016-2017 → Portfolio

Yuan Qiu (CN)

Kyushu University

I’m a 3rd grade student of The Kyushu University. I major in industrial design. I also studying human engineering and engineering of intellectual function. I like to design products such as furniture, stationary, and household appliance. My hobby is playing tennis and singing songs.

2016-2017 → Portfolio

Kayoko Wakamatsu (JP)

Kyushu University

I’m a 21 years old student of Kyushu university. My major is industrial design. I’m tying to create something new products for improving the quality of life of the people. I also interested in taking photograph and drawing pictures and dancing.

2016-2017 → Portfolio

Hanae Nagayasu (JP)

Lingaya’s Institute of Management & Technology

I am an Android Developer with interest in developing applications for any platform. I completed my Bachelor in Electronics Communication from Lingaya’s Institute of Management & Technology, India. I dedicatedly complete every task assigned to me.

Vibhor Chopra (IN)

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Hi there, I am a communication and multimedia design student from Rotterdam. The things I like the most in this study are concepting and visual design. I love to work together in a team and I am really curious what we can accomplish for KLM, with all these different skills we have together.

Saskia Doets (NL)

University of Twente

I am a product designer with an interest in digital design. My bachelor in Mechanical Engineering gives me analytical know-how which I apply to all parts of my work. I am very dedicated to high value results and love seeing all elements of a concept come together.

Freddy Ramaker (NL)

University of Amsterdam

I am a third year student of the bachelor New Media at the University of Amsterdam, during my bachelor I did a lot of research on The Internet of Things and Big Data. The reason that I applied to the MediaLAB is because I wanted to improve my practical skills.

Eva van Kempen (NL)

Dongduk Women’s University

I recently finished my BA in Curatorship & Art management. I am especially interested in Exhibition Design, where the whole spatial design of it gives unique sensory experiences including individual art works. I love art, also creating art and to think of visual concept or spatial design. I love working in a team where you can share diverse perspectives and ideas.

Yuna Song (KR)

National Institute of Design

An animation graduate, game design student,avid traveller,a foodie,a storyteller, amateur Guitarist,wannabe comedian. I believe every person is interesting and has a story to tell.

Tarun Bhandari (IN)

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

I am Michel Dijkstra, 22 years old. I’m in the second year of Game Development at the universities of applied sciences in Amsterdam.

My free time is mostly spend either playing games or making games. In the past I won some contests with my poems and published a book.

Michel Dijkstra (NL)

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

I am a graduating student who studies Communication & Multimedia Design. I’m a bit of a generalist but I stand out in Visual Interface Design.

For my graduation project I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and think outside the box, which I hopefully will do here at the MediaLAB.

Lisa Greuter (NL)

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Hi there! I’m Brûn, a Communication and Multimedia Design student from Rotterdam. I will be working on the ESA project as a graduation intern. I enjoy problem solving, interfaces, sound and music composing.

Brûn van der Horst (NL)

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

I am a graduating Game Design student with a design thinking minor background. I am interested in gamification and would like to expand my knowledge and experience towards other fields of design. I am a volunteer at a scouting group and would love to work for children in the future as well.

Antonia Varga (HU)

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

I am in my  last year of Communication and Multimedia Design in Rotterdam. My focus is on visual and interface design. I am inspired by music, art and culture. In my spare time I like te create graphic designs and film & video. Please visit my portfolio at

Thierry Karsemeijer (NL)

University of Amsterdam

Laura is a third-year Media and Culture: New Media student at the University of Amsterdam and about to graduate at MediaLAB Amsterdam. She’s very interested in internet governance and the politics behind the biggest stakeholders in the new media world. As a researcher she is enthusiastic to learn from her fellow MediaLAB colleagues and to get some experience in the field.

Laura Karssen (NL)

International School of Law and Business Lithuania

I am a student in Advertising with international experience, driven by nature, people and the pursuit of perfect design. I seek paths not yet explored to find new insights and solutions.

Rokas Raudonius (LT)

Academy Minerva

Currently graduating a Fine Arts academy, I work with live performance, interactive installations and relational works involving diverse communities.  I believe in a body of work which allows a space for change and new discovery, by constantly searching the role of the observer and how could seeing be more than looking. Excited when working in multidisciplinary environments, learning new skills and listening to Frank Zappa.

Dimitra Kousteridou (GR)

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

My name is Aniek Breevoort and I’m 20 years old. I am currently finishing up my bachelor of Media, Information and Communication at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. With MediaLAB I will be working on a new interactive experience for the Dutch Institute of Sound and Vision. I love fitness, shopping for sneakers and cooking in my spare time.

Aniek Breevoort (NL)

Leiden University

My name is Manolis Fragkiadakis and I’m a Media Technology student at Leiden University. I hold a bachelor in Digital Systems from the University of Piraeus in Greece. I’m highly interested in sound engineering and design and in the way that it can be combined with interactive installations.

Manolis Fragkiadakis (GR)

Universidad de los Andes

I am a designer interested in service and strategic design. I am motivated for the impact that design can have in society. In the future, I would like to apply my knowledge to social innovation and to improve people’s life through design. 

Valentina Sierra (CO)

National Institute of Design

I am a speculative designer who is interested in exploring the how technology play in the different dimensions people live-in. I focus on the solving these with the design thinking approach. My prior works are into User Experience Design, Interaction Design and Experimental Art. I am currently studying Masters in New Media Design.

Pradeep Siddappa (IN)

Kyushu University

I’m a student in the Design Department at Kyushu University. I major in web design. In these days the computer develops more and more in the world. I wanna connect the whole world through the homepage. So I’d like to make unique and convenient web site.

Masaki Goda (JP)

Hogeschool Utrecht

I’m a conceptual thinker, researcher, surfergirl, music lover and I always work with a smile. At MediaLAB I am going to change the way we think about waiting and make it into a positive experience. In the future I would love to change the way we see the world and think of creative solutions for social problems.

Lizza Kempe (NL)

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Currently a second year student Game Development at the University of Amsterdam, I am pursuing my ambition to become a game designer. I love to think about what makes games fun and come up with original and fun game ideas, especially storytelling is a really fascinating subject. At the mediaLAB I hope to broaden my knowledge in (human centered) design. Beside all of this I like to spend my time playing games, watching movies, listen to music and having an obsession with Disney.

Mark Wong (NL)

Hogeschool Utrecht

Hi! My name is Myrthe Koops and I am 21 years old. I am currently studying Communication and Multimedia Design and writing my thesis at MediaLab. I am working on the Schiphol project together with a very diverse group. I think this is a good way to learn how to cooperate with different kind of cultures. I am excited to do this project with my team and we are going to deliver some awesome results!

Myrthe Koops (NL)

KEA - Copenhagen School of Design and Technology

What I find interesting is working with the users, their needs and behaviour – and creating solutions that creates value for them. Working on the Schiphol project will hopefully give me the opportunity to expand my knowledge in this field. 

I am currently studying fo my BA degree in Entrepreneurship within Design & Business.

Signe Wellendorph (DK)

Universidad de Mondragón

I’m Irati, one of the researchers in the Rainproof project at Media Lab program. I have just finished my degree in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation, being this my first internship after the university. Now, I’m ready to face new challenges!

Irati Sancho (ES)

I am a 23 year old Communication & Multimedia Design student at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. I have experience with web design, graphic design, coding, photography, film and editing. In my spare time I like to work on different kind of projects involving these skills. In these projects I have worked on apps, clothing, branding and websites.

Jeffrey Gyamfi (NL)

VU University Amsterdam

My name is Dymphie and I just got my bachelor in Geography at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. The project I will be working on is the Waterproof Citizens project for Amsterdam Rainproof. I choose this project because I am interested in sustainability and would like to do something creative with my study. 

Dymphie Burger (NL)

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Hi! I’m a game development student with a lot of passion for playing games. My primary job at MediaLAB will be to realize the technical side of our project. Besides that I will try utilize my “game-mind” to give our solution a fun touch!

Almar Mulder (NL)

University of Amsterdam

I am a (New) Media Researcher with international experience in Communication, Events, Journalism and (Copy)writing. I hold a BA in Communication Sciences and a MA in New Media & Digital Culture. I love to write, read, watch and tell stories that matter.

2015-2016 → Portfolio

Roberto Pizzato (IT)

Avans University of Applied Science

I am a Communication & Multimedia design student. I think the beginning of a project is the most interesting because at that point the end result is still uncertain. I like exploring different possibility’s and discovering new ways to do or create something. I like to be challenged and I think I will learn allot form my project members.

2015-2016 → Portfolio

Kim Hermsen (NL)

Waseda University

With a background in anthropology, I like to think and create people’s new behavior, manners and sense of value for the future through research and design. I enjoy encountering people and culture different from my every day lives.

2015-2016 → Portfolio

Ryo Shirai (JP)

University of Amsterdam

This year I’m finishing my BA in Digital Media with a minor in Information Science. My internship was in the field of tech journalism, and in my articles I reflected on digital innovation and its societal implications. Besides that I love to cook, meditate and spend hours reading obscure blogs about technology.

2015-2016 → Portfolio

Willem Duijvelshoff (NL)

University of Amsterdam

My name is Joan Domingo Riu. I am a Geographer and Urban Planner from Barcelona, learning from the Dutch experience in Amsterdam. Here in MediaLab, I will be working in the project Smart citizens and sustainability. I want to make cities better places to live, adapted to people’s needs, and environmental friendly.

2015-2016 → Portfolio

Joan Domingo Riu (ES)

Leiden University

I’m a Media Technology student at Leiden University and I also hold a bachelor’s degree in Marketing & Advertising.
I am interested in all types of new digital media and social behavior behind it.
Here at the Media Lab I am interested on how people and all those new technologies are going to mingle since in the future I believe advertising will be more about sales and entertainment than advertising itself.
2015-2016 → Portfolio

Thiago Elid (BR)

University of Amsterdam

I hold a Master in Media Studies, involved in the Post-Conflict Mind Check project at MediaLab. I am interested in how nations, cultures, and identities are represented/defined in our society. I love film, especially Woody Allen and Quentin Tarantino. I feel very much at home in the joyfully international environment of MediaLab.

2015-2016 → Portfolio

Jon Jonoski (NL)

University of Amsterdam

Jennifer recently completed her MA in Holocaust and Genocide Studies at the University of Amsterdam. She specializes in perpetrator research and transitional justice in post-conflict societies. She comes to MediaLab hoping to explore the uses of art and interactive media as tools for the stimulation of critical dialogue about armed conflict.

2015-2016 → Portfolio

Jennifer Lamphere (US)

Universidad Industrial de Santander

I am an Industrial designer with knowledge in product and concept development. I would love to expand my knowledge by learning from different people, experts and experiences and at the same time, I can share valuable insights from my passionate way of thinking.

2015-2016 → Portfolio

Liliana Zambrano (CO)

Politecnico di Torino

I’m a 24 y.o. product designer and ecodesigner from Italy,I like every project that allows me to work in close contact with the users, in order to take inspiration from their needs.I like any kind of sustainable design, because I think that is the best way to diffuse the importance of the ecological message.

2015-2016 → Portfolio

Paolo di Labio (IT)

University of Amsterdam

I’m a Digital Media student at the University of Amsterdam and currently graduating at MediaLAB. I have a very broad interest in new media and the digital culture, but I’m especially interested in learning more about programming, interaction design, digital representation and learning how to put theories into practice.

2015-2016 → Portfolio

Linda Zieverink (NL)

TU Delft

I did my Bachelor in Product Design in Germany and worked in the profession for 18 months. In 2013 I started a Master in Interaction Design at the TU Delft. My focus lies on user experience design and product service system solutions. I want to solve problems and create better user experiences through context-mapping and co-creation with the users.

2015-2016 → Portfolio

Anna Hornberger (DE)

I am a mediastudies student, music lover, cinephile, aspiring surfer and now also a MediaLAB researcher. I developed and interest in the changing dynamic between spectator and artwork in the context of their technological development. I hope MediaLAB will be the place where my chaotic working style could be structured through their inspiring design methods.

2015-2016 → Portfolio

Jorrit Groot (NL)

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

I’m Irini Kalesi and i hold a Bachelor in English Literature and a Master in Comparative Arts and Media. My adoration for cinema led me to join the MediaLAB family. I am looking forward to find revolutionary ways to draw the audience in innovative virtual cinematic journeys.

2015-2016 → Portfolio

Irini Kalesi (GR)

Southampton Solent Universi

My name is Peter and I recently graduated with a degree in Television and Video Production. If I’m not making films I’m probably watching them! I have come to the to the Media Lab to learn the necessary skills in VR-film making and to understand design based methodologies.

2015-2016 → Portfolio

Peter McLaughlin (UK)

de Haagse Hogeschool

I am a third year Communication and Multimedia Design student from The Hague and i’m interested in Visual, Interaction and UX Design. I would consider myself a creative technology enthousiast, moving between interaction design and front-end development to create innovative products and user experiences.

2015-2016 → Portfolio

Angelo Croes (NL)

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Coming from Greece to Amsterdam for my Master studies in Comparative Arts and Media Studies at Vu University of Amsterdam i had a goal, and that was to collect as many experiences and as much knowledge as possible. Fascinated mainly for all the disciplines involving Arts, Media and Culture but always willing to explore new ideas, my path led me to Medialab Amsterdam. Thus, Designing the Experience which is the project that i work for here, has a symbolic sense for me and i am more than excited being part of it. Oh and i forgot, my name is Constantine Dranganas.

2015-2016 → Portfolio

Constantine Dranganas (GR)

Pontifica Universidad Javeriana

I come from Colombia and I’m finishing my studies in industrial design. I´m good at creating concepts and designing experiences. I believe design has the beauty of changing lifestyles and emotional behaviors for social purposes. I am a creative thinker and I’m willing to share my knowledge and learn from others.

2015-2016 → Portfolio

Angela Quintero (CO)

Kyushu University

I finished my bachelor and master in Environmental Design in DongHua University (Shanghai, China). Now I ‘m a PhD majoring in Design Strategy in Japan. My interests are urban designs, such as architecture, museum interiors, and public designs.

Zilong Li (CN)

My name is Michiel, student Communication & Multimedia Design. During my internship at MediaLAB I will be working on the Ageing workforce project as a interaction and user experience designer. I’m focussed on learning more about user centered design and creating a meaningful media product.

Michiel Hennekam (NL)

I’m a student of Kyushu University School of Design. I’m specialized in Product Design and Interior Design. My country, Japan is a highly aged country. I hope I can make great solution for all our aged societies.

Miho Saito (JP)

University of Amsterdam

Florian Root is a Digital Media Student from the University of Amsterdam from which he will be graduating at the MediaLab Amsterdam. His interests are in the field of knowledge production via search engines and cross-cultural digital product design. Furthermore he has a skill set in video-production and editing.

Florian Root (NL)

I am an electromechanical engineer specialized in physical computing, embedded computing, sensor systems, electromechanical systems and software development. My professional interests are in the domain of the internet of things, smart systems, consumer wearables and interactive screens. I am creatively inclined and enjoy the conceptualization aspects of products.

Nikhil Banerjee (IN)

I am a Product and Interaction designer from India, looking to learn something new wherever I go. I believe in a process oriented approach to design with substantial methods and tools, keeping the user in mind. With a knack for problem solving I like to dive in the topic with the drive to innovate.

Shreya Kumar (IN)

Ontario College of Art and Design University

Lisanne Binhammer is a graduate of Ontario College of Art and Design University, where she received a BDes with Distinction in Graphic Design. A previous Research Assistant for sLab, Lisanne has an avid interest in health, urban and social design.

Lisanne Binhammer (CA)

University of Amsterdam

I hold a Bachelor in New Media from the University of Amsterdam. For me, MediaLab is an opportunity to obtain practical skills in the field of New Media. I am especially interested in repurposing the impact of digitization in creative ways to add a positive contribution to society.

Atossa Atabaki (NL)

University of Texas at San Antonio

Graduated with a bachelors of architecture from the University of Texas at San Antonio and finishing a master in Urban Planning and Policy Design from the Politecnico di Milano, resercher of cities, big data and complexity.

Orlando Cabanas (MX)

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

As a Communication & Multimedia Design student I focus on the design of interactive products. I see myself as a creative technologist, moving between interaction design and front-end development to build innovative products and user experiences.

Sanjay Twisk (NL)

Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina

I’m a 24 years old Design student from Brazil. I’m interested in User Interface, Game Design and Programming. I’m always eager to test new games or new app concepts. Natural thinker, lover of manual works and experienced cooker.

José Carlos Quintas Jr (BR)

University of Amsterdam

I’m a 22 year old digital media student. While this gives me a theoretical background, I also enjoy creating and designing stuff. That’s one of the reasons why I chose to pick up programming at the Amsterdam Science Park.

Marvin Straathof (NL)

University of Amsterdam

I am a 23 year old student in Mediastudies at the University of Amsterdam. During my studies I have focused on both digital media and film. I did this because I am really interested in the narrative possibilities of digital media and how digital platforms can be used to tell stories in new ways.

Alexander Sommers (NL)

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

I’m a game designer. My passions lie with creating games in combination with helping people. I’m specialized in serious games, but I also enjoy to make games that are just for entertainment.
My project at the mediaLAB was the Playful Learning project. The project was based on creating a game for kids with disabilities.

Dennis Reep (NL)

Inholland University of Applied Sciences

I am a Lifestyle & Health student. Currently I am involved in the Playful Learning project for MediaLAB.
I have a wide field of interest. The things I like the most are practicing various sports, watch movies and play video games. This year I hope to graduate and after that I hope to find a job that suits me.

Nick Bijl (NL)

Communication & Multimedia Designer. Like: riding my bike in Amsterdam towards MediaLab. Do not like: when things don’t work the way they should work.

Jill de Rooij (NL)

I’m a Communication & Multimedia Design student. I recently finished a minor in Interface & User Experience Design, and I would love to learn to be a better interaction and visual designer at MediaLAB. I love croissants & cortado’s, traveling and movie nights.

Anne de Bode (NL)

University of Amsterdam

I’m a third year New Media student at The University of Amsterdam, graduating at the MediaLAB. The way new media shape the way we think and behave fascinates me. I like to be challenged and find working in teams very rewarding.

Anne Zwaan (NL)

University of Sevilla

I am a 20 years old undergraduate computer engineer at the university of Sevilla.Programming and mathematics are my specialities. I have a deep interest in the world of high frequency trading and the way in which algorithms can be used to capitalize on special events of the stock market.

Javier Trujillo Garcia (SP)

Avans 's-Hertogenbosch

I’m a communication and multimedia design student graduating at MediaLAB. I mainly focus on user centered design and visual design aiming to produce something appealing and functional at the same time. At MediaLAB I’m really looking forward to be working in multidisciplinary teams within the creative industry.

Michelle Nagel (NL)

Avans Hogeschool ’s-Hertogenbosch

I’m a Communication & Multimedia Design student and currently graduating here at MediaLab. I have a passion for video editing and I love to play around with motion graphics. New challenges and exploring different working methods are things I look forward to when starting a new project.

Nikki van Rosmalen (NL)

2014-2015 → Portfolio

Michael Lovett (NL)

Leiden University

I did my bachelor in digital media. Studies there mainly focuses on the theories, which I consider a best way to reduce my interest and passion in learning. That’s why I enjoy making stuff-putting everything I learned into practice and seeking solutions whenever I encounter problems.

2014-2015 → Portfolio

Yang Chen (CN)

Amsterdam Fashion Institute

Fashion & Branding student with a specialization in Man & Identity at Design Academy Eindhoven. Interested in the identity we give ourselves through clothing and create one for fashion labels by shooting short films & photos. At the MediaLab investigating the new human body in virtual fashion.

2014-2015 → Portfolio

Sophie Schaminée (NL)

Amsterdam Fashion Institute

Physical girl living in a digital world. Connecting clothing, the body, culture, feeling, technology and science into a new vision on fashion design. I am a fourth year Fashion and Design student living in Amsterdam. The future is coming, why not embrace and explore it?

2014-2015 → Portfolio

Amber Slooten (NL)

Politecnico Di Torino

I graduated in Industrial Design (2008) in IUST, Iran. I was working in Product & Packaging design, Interior & Fair design up to 2012. I’m interested in problem solving and design. I like Nature and think everything is connected.

2014-2015 → Portfolio

Kaveh Khorramian (IR)

University of Amsterdam

For the last two years I have studied psychology, writing and story structure. This year I will be researching how virtual reality is changing the way in which we can tell a story.  I think that virtual reality will almost certainly be the future of storytelling.

2014-2015 → Portfolio

Sammie de Vries (NL)

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

I am a game design student and a big fan of games. Not only do I enjoy playing them, but I also enjoy creating them. I love new innovations in the world of media and will take the chance to be part of it.

2014-2015 → Portfolio

Nick Valk (NL)

University of Amsterdam

I’m a student at the University of Amsterdam, currently finishing up my Bachelor Media & Culture. I love looking at the historical context of technology that’s become so pervasive in a short time span. I enjoy reading and theorizing games the most since I believe it has many uses.

2014-2015 → Portfolio

Leon van Oord (NL)

Hogeschool Rotterdam

I’m currently a Communication and Multimedia Design student at the University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam. I have a wide field of interest, including gaming, art, design and photography and recently picked up storytelling in design.

2014-2015 → Portfolio

Nour Tanak (NL)

Kyushu University

I am interested in UI/UX design and media production. I want to improve the way we users communicate with computers and digital devices.

2014-2015 → Portfolio

Shenyu Zhang (CN)


I’m a proactive student, studying to become a graphic designer, but also a programmer who mainly focuses on interactive media, freelancing as a developer for that for internationals like Men’s Health. I’m also founder of the Edge Animate community “Edgehero” in collaboration with Adobe.

2014-2015 → Portfolio

Rob Boerman (NL)

University of Amsterdam

I’m a 22 year old Digital Media student at the University of Amsterdam. Currently I’m graduating here at the MediaLAB. I’m interested in the social issues that Media entails and especially in what way media can be the solution for some of them.

2014-2015 → Portfolio

Lisa Maier (NL)

Utrecht University of Applied Sciences

I’m a 24 year old Communication & Media Design student from Amsterdam. I studied in Berlin for a semester. I’m at my best when I work together in a team. I find it interesting how different opinions can lead to a strong and surprising concept. I’m now graduating at MediaLAB Amsterdam.

2014-2015 → Portfolio

Fay Gramberg (NL)

Delft University of Technology

I am an interaction designer who likes to bombard the user with sensorial stimuli. I see myself as the translator in the conversation between users and products. I love groovy dance music, to swim, to climb trees and to make my own yoghurt.

2014-2015 → Portfolio

Radoslav Gulekov (BG)

Polytechnic University of Turin

24 year old designer from Italy, I’m passionate about everything concerning creativity. Bachelor of Industrial Design, I worked in a motion design studio while attending a Master degree in EcoDesign. Now I’m diving in the wearable technology field in search for new challenges.

2014-2015 → Portfolio

Edoardo Mercati (IT)

Haute école des Arts du Rhin Strasbourg

Industrial and communication design student who studied jewellery design in Spain and Object Art Glass in France and conducted own workshops in Germany & Ireland. She has a vast knowledge of materials, crafting and production processes.

2014-2015 → Portfolio

Agnes Günther (DE)

Universidade de Brasilia

Brazil-to-the-world student of Industrial Engineering, twenty something y.o., interested in practice of sports and learning through literature, cinema, music and theater. A fearless trip lover devoted to make friends and add value to people’s PDCA cycle of life.

2014-2015 → Portfolio

Luiz Felipe Dantas Ferreira (BR)

University of Hertfordshire

I’m a 3rd Computer Science student with a passion for developing websites and systems using the latest technologies. With a solid background in programming using a variety of different languages, I am currently expanding my horizons into new frameworks and platforms.

2014-2015 → Portfolio

Iain Kettles (UK)

Trinity College Dublin

I’m Evelien Al, and a soon to be M.Phil in Music & Media Technologies. My passions are music, technology and perception, and how it changes the way we see the world. I write code, compose music, make videos, and have a love for sensors and Arduinos too.

2014-2015 → Portfolio

Evelien Al (NL)

Politecnico di Torino

I’m a 24 year old Ecodesigner and Interior Designer. I like the design process in all its phases, from the research to the prototyping. I’m totally in love with useful design (the one that really helps to improve people’s life) and bicycles.

2014-2015 → Portfolio

Ilaria Zonda (IT)

Rotterdam's University of Applied Sciences

My name is Jarmal Martis and I’m working as a graduate on the City Rankings Project and Medialab Amsterdam. I am also a photographer and have a great interest in interaction between man and artificial intelligence.

2014-2015 → Portfolio

Jarmal Martis (NL)

Coimbra University

I’m an Interaction Designer from Portugal, finishing a Master Degree in Design and Multimedia. I have worked as a Web Designer for the past years and enjoys the process of developing new concepts. I like the technological part of it, but also when it involves working with raw materials.

Susana Passinhas (PT)

UC Syddanmark

I was born and raised in Denmark, where I have spent 2½ years studying communication and online marketing. Prior to arriving in Amsterdam I worked 6 months in Berlin with online marketing. I’m excited about working with the design process in creating a product.

Frederik Hermann (DK)

Avans Den Bosch

My name is Jochem and I will be working at MediaLAB as a graduate student on the “Future of TV” project. I like to work on projects that don’t have a certain outcome from the start, and mostly try to do stuff that I have not done before.

Jochem de Roos (NL)

Avans Den Bosch

I’m Renée Stumpel, graduating in Communication and Multimedia Design. I have a very wide field of interest, which contains reading, traveling, communication, and the influence of media in our society.  I am big fan of structure and data visualizations. In the future I would like to keep on studying to specialize myself.

Renée Stumpel (NL)

Amsterdam School of the Arts

I studied dance, theatre and filmmaking and also fashion design. Our encounters are not only physical or human , but also virtual. Social media, video games, the audiovisual montage proposes new ways to emphatize. What technology is socially creating became the path trough with rethink the social encounter in the theatre.

Matías Daporta Gonzalez (SP)

Avans Den Bosch

My name is Geert Hagelaar, student communication & multimedia design. I’d love to ‘think’ creative, ‘act’ creative and ‘be’ creative. I have a big passion for illustration and I fill in my spare time with making new music. In medialab I want to focus on user centered design.

Geert Hagelaar (NL)

Avans Den Bosch

I’m a graduating Communication & Multimedia Design student with a a passion for digital media and interaction design. My job in the Transmedia Analytics project is to think of new possibilities when in comes to data visualization and interface design. The thoughts behind actions of the user fascinate me the most.

Yannick Diezenberg (NL)

University of Amsterdam

I’m a 21 year old Media & Culture student, graduating in Digital Media at the MediaLAB. I’m looking for creative solutions for issues concerning media. I like to work together with – and learn from different cultures and has a wide interest in music and traveling.

Sebastiaan Broek (NL)

University of Amsterdam

I’m interested in pressing social issues of this rapidly changing world. Soon I will be graduating with a specialization in New Media Studies and a minor in Business Studies. I want to help to create a more sustainable society in working together with international people from multidisciplinary fields in the creative industry.

Josta Valk (NL)

Universiteit van Amsterdam

I’m currently in my 3rd year of studying New Media and Digital Culture and finished a minor in Cultural Sociology. My interest is in the way boundaries between the physical and virtual are blurring and the fundamental role algorithms, code and digital devices have in our changing perception of the world.

Anne van Egmond (NL)

University of Amsterdam

I’m Amber. I am a new media researcher and blogger based in Amsterdam. My interests are focused on journalism, philosophizing about social innovation and interdisciplinary research. I love to code, work on my photography skills, spend hours on Pinterest, paint my nails and experiment with making desserts.

Amber Ebrahim (NL)

University of Amsterdam

I’m a  student of New Media & Digital Culture and did a minor Programming. I have a broad interest in digital technologies and cultures and got interested in the philosophical side of new media. In my spare time I like to watch movies and hang out with friends.

Douwe Knook (NL)

Universiteit van Amsterdam

My name is Sieta and I’m an New Media & Digital Culture student. Trained as a skilled researcher during my education, I’m able to see projects in an broader social context. And this is exactly where my true passion lies; in the sociological changes in society caused by the Digital Age.

Sieta van Horck (NL)

Saxion University of Applied Sciences

I study Concept and Product Development. I innovate and design products and services. Conceptual thinking is my specialization. One of my strengths is to observe subjects trough different perspectives. I love problem solving. My main design code is form follows function.

Bernard Wittgen (NL)

HAN University of Applied Sciences

I study Communication and Multimedia Design in Arnhem and I am graduating as an interaction designer at the MediaLAB. I love to work on innovative concepts and interfaces. Besides that, I like to listen to a lot of music and practice my visual design skills.

Daan Smulders (NL)

University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam

I’m graduating as an interaction designer. I enjoy the area of UXD, storytelling and interactive installations, but I’m also interested in the more theoretical parts as Design Ethics and Media Literacy. I’d like to combine both my practical and research skills at the MediaLAB and in my future positions.

Donna Schipper (NL)

Gerdjan van Hagen (NL)

Daksh Varshneya is currently pursuing his Integrated Masters degree in Information Technology from IIIT-B. Currently in his second year, he is excited to work at Fields of View with the aim of broadening his horizon and learning new skills apart from his IT curriculum. He enjoys working on computer graphics and GUI based programming. In his free time, he engages himself in playing guitar and sports like cricket and badminton.

2013-2014 → Portfolio

Daksh Varshneya (IN)

Yashvanth is currently pursuing his Integrated Masters in IT from IIIT-B. Being a firm believer in that everything can be rationalized, he is out to interpret the world through algorithms. At Fields of View, he is learning how to systematically analyze social issues and explore potential technical solutions. Besides casual gaming, his free time revolves around books (comic and otherwise) and instant noodles.

2013-2014 → Portfolio

Yashvanth Mohan Kondi (IN)

Marissa is a researcher from the University of Amsterdam, soon holder of a bachelor’s degree in New Media and Digital Culture. She is specialized in business information systems and is deeply interested in sustainable information management and knowledge transmission. Sent by the MediaLAB Amsterdam, she’s excited to join Field of View’s team to focus more on information design in context of larger social issues.


2013-2014 → Portfolio

Marissa Memelink (NL)

Bauke Bakker is a Bachelor graduate working as an intern at Fields of View. Sent out by the MediaLAB Amsterdam he is working on the Nextwave Project. This is his first project after finishing the Media & Culture course at the University of Amsterdam, specialized in New Media. With a passion for breakdancing and music he likes to see things in another perspective, being creative and original are important in his way of working.

2013-2014 → Portfolio

Bauke Bakker (NL)

Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam

A 22 year old New Media student at the University of Amsterdam, who also has a bit of knowledge about Anthropology and programming. She likes to make things, to play theatre and she is hungry to learn about an infinite amount of things.

2013-2014 → Portfolio

Karen de Graaf (NL)

Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG)

The greatest feeling for me is to work with others and create something unique. You can’t put a price on that! I’m an interactive media developer and have a big interest in any kind of media available. I’ve already worked with interactive installations, video mapping, mobile apps and some crazy personal digital art (:

2013-2014 → Portfolio

Sandro Miccoli (BR)

Bachelor's of Technology in Computer Science

Akarsh is a Computer Science Engineer from New Delhi-INDIA, currently working as a researcher and developer on the Women Safety Project by CISCO. His passion is to blur the boundaries between the physical and digital world. He is always on the lookout for new mediums of communication.

2013-2014 → Portfolio

Akarsh Sanghi (IN)

1° degree in "Industrial design" at "Università degli studi di Palermo - Facoltà di Architettura" - Master degree in "Eco-design" at Polythecnic of Turin

“Good” is a relative concept. Despite that, we have to try our best to find an idea of “Good” that can intake as many people as possible. Then we have to realize it. I’m still looking for Quality, which i think is the cognizable part of the “Good”. But in the meanwhile i’m improving the design skills to bring it into the real world.

2013-2014 → Portfolio

Enrico Catalano (IT)

Communication and Multimedia Design, Amsterdam

I am Jay Huliselan, 24 year old student from Amsterdam. I’m a interaction designer with a passion for interactive products and visual designs. Drawing concepts and interaction on paper is what i love to do. In my spare time i like to make music and enjoy the sun.

2013-2014 → Portfolio

Jay Huliselan (NL)

University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam: Urban Management

I’m a 23 year old urban management student that wants to learn and know everything about everything. I love hands on research and skills but it has to have a foundation in solid theory. Working at the MediaLAB gives me the opportunity to do just that.

2013-2014 → Portfolio

Jeroen Ruijter (NL)

University of Applied Sciences – Game Development

I’m a 23 year old Game Development student. My specialization is Game Design, I like to develop and analyze game concepts and mechanics. I also have experience in 3D modeling and animating. I want to focus on the development and research on Serious Games.

2013-2014 → Portfolio

Kuba Vohnik (CZ)

University of Amsterdam (Media & Culture BA and Information Science BA)

I am Laura, 21 years old. I am currently finishing my Media & Culture bachelor and after that I will be finishing my bachelor Information Science. I am very interested in arthouse movies and lots of different kinds of music. The MediaLAB is an opportunity for me to put my knowledge into practice and to obtain more practical skills.

2013-2014 → Portfolio

Laura Mul (NL)

Graduate School of Design Kyushu, Keio University SFC

I’m studying Design Research, Service Design, Product Design, and Social Marketing.

2013-2014 → Portfolio

Mizuki Kojima (JP)

Bachelor in Communication - Advestising at PUCRS - Brazil

Brazilian, 22 years old, determined. I’m always connected, taking pictures and open to discussions. I want to be part of something big, so I keep trying new things. For me a new challenge is always welcome.

2013-2014 → Portfolio

Paula Barreto (BR)

Communication and Multimedia Design Amsterdam

Curious, excited and geeky student. Likes all kinds of technology and loves games. Also a broad interest in music and making music. For work I do interaction design and research, so come find me to have chat!

2013-2014 → Portfolio

Rick Borgeld (NL)

Kyushu University Graduate School of Design Department of Design Strategy

I am Design Strategist from Japan. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Design(Acoustic Design). Now I belongs to Inclusive Design Lab of Kyushu University. My passion is Design for a better world.

2013-2014 → Portfolio

Shinichiro Ito (JP)

Chemical Engineering from University of Pune & Nanotechnology from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

I’m an engineer with experience in nanotechnology, material science and biomedical engineering. I love to build gadgets which can be integrated seamlessly into the environment or onto one’s body. I came to mediaLAB ( HvA) to learn how to build a project from scratch and to get hands-on experience for building stuff.

2013-2014 → Portfolio

Shubhojit Mallick (IN)

University of Amsterdam, Media and Culture, New Media

I’m a student at the University of Amsterdam. I study Media and Culture. I’m a researcher and I like to think about new possibilities and come up with concepts. I love to solve problems by thinking about the best solution. In my spare time I like to dance, go out with friends, take pictures with my analogue camera and snowboard.

2013-2014 → Portfolio

Suzanne Tromp (NL)

Finishing University Level

I’m Brazilian. I was studying Product Design and Business Administration, and I stopped for now to have a new experience in Amsterdam. I arrived in January/2013 and I started to study Trendwatching at HvA. Curious, I like to know people and I like to read about new stuff.

2013-2014 → Portfolio

Camila Olivera Santos (BR)

University of Amsterdam

Marissa is a New Media and Digital Culture student at the University of Amsterdam, specialised in business information systems and information management. She interested in information law, web cultures and has an infinite drive for sustainability and creative concepts that make you think outside the proverbial box. Marissa is researcher and developer at the AMFI project.

Marissa Memelink

Dion Gavriilidis

Myrthe de Smit

University of Utrecht

An American MBA with knack for ambient marketing, Kimberly’s a student at Universiteit Utrecht who came to MediaLAB Amsterdam to get her hands dirty with the technical side of new media applications. Check out her Linkedin for more super-awesome credentials.

Kimberly Waldbillig

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Bestuurskunde

Jeroen Ruijter

Avans Hogeschool 's-Hertogenbosch

Linda is a 22 year old Communication and Multimedia Student whose specialty is the interaction between user and product. She has the roles of conceptualist, media designer and MarCom specialist on the STIHO project.

Linda Janssen

Avans Hogeschool 's-Hertogenbosch

Jelmar is a 20 year old Communication & Multimedia Design student with a passion for interaction-, co- and social design. He is media designer and editor/blogger on the STIHO project.

Jelmar van Voorst

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Sabrina is studying Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam. She loves to ride her bike, be efficient, learn, make things, drink coffee…Sabrina is producer, media researcher and information designer on the STIHO project.

Sabrina Doornekamp

Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute(VJTI), Mumbai

Aishwarya is an electrical engineer from India. Her specialty is information theory and coding. Aishwarya hopes to learn more about tools and concepts used in multimedia and creative technologies. She’s media designer and conceptualist on the STIHO project.

Aishwarya Babu

Monica Mora


Davi Alves

University of Seville, Bachelor of Computer Engineering

Ruben Rodriguez

Plantijn Hogeschool - Communicatiemanagement

Steven Van Hoegaerden

Tim Fokker

University of Amsterdam, Media and Culture Studies (with specialization New Media) + Minor Journalism and Critisicm

Wouter Klaase

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Department Information Media

Niall MacKellar

Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Faculty of Letters an Philosophy - Venice, Italy

Annafrancesca Triboli

University of Seville, Bachelor of Computer Engineering

Alejandro Rodas de Paz

University of Amsterdam, Bachelor Media & Culture

Bauke Bakker

Ecodesign Politecnico di Torino

2012-2013 → Portfolio

Alberto Turina

Ecodesign Politecnico di Torino

2012-2013 → Portfolio

Gionata Fronduti

Ecodesign Politecnico di Torino

2012-2013 → Portfolio

Stefano Danna

Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, Bachelor of Technology

2012-2013 → Portfolio

Ankit Daftery

Media and Culture, University of Amsterdam

2012-2013 → Portfolio

Steven Kok

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Media Information & Communication. Graduation profile: Editorial & Mediaproduction

2012-2013 → Portfolio

Sanne van Wegberg

Kyushu University Depertment of Design Strategy Tomimatsu, Interaction Design Lab

2012-2013 → Portfolio

Takuma Oami

Saxion Hogeschool, Enschede, International Business and Marketing

2012-2013 → Portfolio

Nadezda (Nadia) Vakhrusheva

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Communication & Multimedia Design

2012-2013 → Portfolio

Mario Elgazzar

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Media Information & Communication. Graduation profile: Media Marketing & Publishing

2012-2013 → Portfolio

Rick Genemans

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Communication & Multimedia Design

2012-2013 → Portfolio

Jeroen Feenstra

New Media, University of Amsterdam

2012-2013 → Portfolio

Annika Kuyper

MA New Media and Digital Culture, University of Utrecht

Concepting and Public Relations specialist in the project the Future of Publishing

Areti-Polina (Arelina) Merakou

Politecnico di Torino (Turin, Italy)

Concept and Project designer in the project Local Square Advisor

Chiara Valerio

New Media, University of Amsterdam

Theory, Concept and Management in the project Local Square Advisor

Daan Krijnen

New Media, University of Amsterdam

Communication & Copywriting in the project the Future of Publishing

Elin Wassenaar

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Communication & Multimedia Design

Concept development & Producer in the project Interactive News Formats

Joram Binsbergen

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Communication & Multimedia Design

Interaction Design Specialist in the project the Future of Publishing

Lars Böhm

University: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Media Information & Communication. Graduation profile: Media Marketing & Publishing

Communication (internal & external) in the project Interactive News Formats

Manouk Draisma

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Communication & Multimedia Design

Designing & Editing in the project Interactive News Formats


Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Media Information & Communication. Graduation profile: Media Marketing & Publishing

Format Developer in the project Interactive News Formats

Menno Jongejan

University of Amsterdam, Media and Culture

Reseacher and team manager in the Culture Vortex project

Daan Fliervoet

Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Communication and Multimedia Design

Transmedia producer in Wereldomroep project

2010-2011 → Portfolio

Didi Koller

Universidad Europea de Madrid, Audiovisual Engineering & Audiovisual Communication

Communication, spokesperson and production coordinator of the U-turm Project (Jan. 2010-August 2010) and Projection infinity (Sept. 2010-February 2011)

2010-2011 → Portfolio

Carlos García Moreno-Torres

University of Amsterdam, New Media.

Researcher and team manager in the project Interactive Installation for Scryption

2010-2011 → Portfolio

Annet Bos

University of Amsterdam, Media studies

Concept development & content manager in augmented reality-project Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Bree Tahapary

University of Amsterdam, New Media & Digital Culture

Product manager in the QR code Randstad project.

Philip Man

University of Amsterdam, Media and Culture.

Contact person and “making of” director for the interactive urban projection in Trouw in 2009.

Joris van den Bos