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Dat Maker’s Sprint


Written research is all fun and games, but a tangible research is a whole different level.

While researching data and data driven innovation, we found our selves swamped with topics, and like the data field it self, the topics were all connected but varied. As you can probably understand, confusion may arise.

At a makes sprint in media lab, if you are not familiar with, you have 2 rooms packed with technological instruments for, well, creating and making, like laser cuts, 3d printers, and hand machinery. As you might imagine, our team got some tingling feelings in our fingers, wishes to use it all, forgetting about products for a minute.

But the process s important, in order to make not only a good use of the machines but a right use for our project as well.

MediaLab MakersSprint DigitalDesignInnovation


We have started with brainstorming, what it meant for us is writing on post it notes what ever crossed our minds, each o us on their own, or together as a team. we found it is really important to let each other have their own time to write their ideas, that way w keep our mind open and our brain creative, which is futile at this stage of work.

After clustering it all out, we started thinking, and connecting the thoughts together, mixing them from different fields, to find interesting new ideas.

A tip from the #DATASS: keep the conversation flowing, as this stage is where the magic starts to spark!

Writing our ideas out took time but we made it! Making a plan to execute it for the next two days of the sprint and getting the materials. (thanks, Pavel!)

Our idea was making people understand the concept of data as a currency as well as for as to learn about what types of information people are willing to give and analyze it to a visual end product. It meant we had 3 part of our project:

1// Data exchange (or how we like to call it; Data Casino): where you answer our questions, and you get coins in return.

2// aMAZEing game (a pun was intended): a maze you use your coins in to get ahead in.

3// Data viz: a glass display of the answers’ data from the exchange questions.


We have divided¬†the work load between us and ready, set, SPRINT…


MediaLab MakersSprint DigitalDesignInnovation

Nerea and Maylis wrote the very invasive questions.

(Oh, and they were having fun doing it.)


MediaLab MakersSprint DigitalDesignInnovation

Rotem was making the maze plans and the coins.

(Maze planning is a migraine in the making.)


MediaLab MakersSprint DigitalDesignInnovation

Lorenzo was building the Data viz and the Data Casino

(Glue is known as the best way to get high in Amsterdam)


We really loved letting people try out our game, we also learned a lot from watching people play, and we are going to keep working to improve the game and get better information from the gamers.

MediaLab MakersSprint DigitalDesignInnovation


MediaLab MakersSprint DigitalDesignInnovation

MediaLab MakersSprint DigitalDesignInnovation

MediaLab MakersSprint DigitalDesignInnovation

MediaLab MakersSprint DigitalDesignInnovation


Until next time,


  • DAT Rotem

One people, one team, one flag


We are a team (the best team), we of course… need a flag! A beautiful flag!



1// Brainstorm on our project and concept


After sketching and thinking for a while, we came up with 5 ideas:

  • Data behind (the unused data of online apps and platforms)
  • Networks (links between data and people)
  • Digital and glitch (we work in a digital world, sometimes a glitch is a beginning of a surprise… amazing!)
  • Ass (yeah… we are DATASS…)
  • Mountain of data (every keypoint refers to one of our personal data, like highest mountain in Italy, age of Rotem, population in Spain… very data meaning!)


2// First sketches


We decided to go with the glitch idea, some networks and the mountain of data. It’s sketching time!


3// Digitalization


Enough with paper and pencil, we had to start using Illustrator. First time for Nerea and Maylis, but they did a good job! Loads of miniatures!


4// Final 4

Flag final four MediaLab DDI

We couldn’t keep drawing, we were just too excited to see what will be our flag. That’s why we narrowed our selection down¬†to 4 design and we inserted them on a Mockup flag.


5// The winner is…


After hours of discussion… we couldn’t decide! That’s why our colleagues helped us to choose this final flag:

  • squares to represent the digital glitch
  • mountains to represent the mountains of data
  • bright blue and pink to represent the digital world


All the best from your designer,

  • DAT Lorenzo