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One people, one team, one flag


We are a team (the best team), we of course… need a flag! A beautiful flag!



1// Brainstorm on our project and concept


After sketching and thinking for a while, we came up with 5 ideas:

  • Data behind (the unused data of online apps and platforms)
  • Networks (links between data and people)
  • Digital and glitch (we work in a digital world, sometimes a glitch is a beginning of a surprise… amazing!)
  • Ass (yeah… we are DATASS…)
  • Mountain of data (every keypoint refers to one of our personal data, like highest mountain in Italy, age of Rotem, population in Spain… very data meaning!)


2// First sketches


We decided to go with the glitch idea, some networks and the mountain of data. It’s sketching time!


3// Digitalization


Enough with paper and pencil, we had to start using Illustrator. First time for Nerea and Maylis, but they did a good job! Loads of miniatures!


4// Final 4

Flag final four MediaLab DDI

We couldn’t keep drawing, we were just too excited to see what will be our flag. That’s why we narrowed our selection down¬†to 4 design and we inserted them on a Mockup flag.


5// The winner is…


After hours of discussion… we couldn’t decide! That’s why our colleagues helped us to choose this final flag:

  • squares to represent the digital glitch
  • mountains to represent the mountains of data
  • bright blue and pink to represent the digital world


All the best from your designer,

  • DAT Lorenzo


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