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After presenting our findings of the last sprint to the municipality, we’re heading straight into the next sprint. Later this sprint, we’ll focus on creating concepts meant to actually solve (part of) the problem. However, to prevent us from coming up with concepts that have been tried before, and proven to not work, we’ll do one final bit of research. We’re looking into the solutions used in other cities across the world.

-Utrecht (Netherlands)
-Fukuoka (Japan)
-Stockholm (Sweden)

We’ve chosen these specific four cities because right now we’re under the impression that these cities in particular have their waste system figured out really well. Our research will tell us whether or not this is actually the case, and if so, what aspects would work here in Amsterdam as well.

Aside from researching the four cities, part of our team is also researching several projects in Amsterdam itself. These are projects that are not necessarily directly related to bulky waste. Though there’s at least a link in general theme each time. ¬†These projects include topics like recycling mostly. We have visited several of these projects already, and intend to visit them all. At each project we’ll have a look around of course, but other than that we also interview the people there in charge. We have prepared a certain set of questions we like to ask to each of them.

The places we’ve (attempted to) visit(ed) so far are:
-Zero Waste Lab

However, UpCycle turned out to be closed, seemingly permanently.
Wasted was nowhere to be found at the address provided on their website.
FabLab didn’t have time to answer our questions.


WhatsApp Image 2017-03-29 at 11.25.01
he UpSycle store being closed

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-29 at 11.25.13
Zero Waste Lab is the only place we’ve successfully visited so far.

On the first visit to Zero Waste Lab we had the unfortunate luck that only an intern was present in the place. She couldn’t answer all our questions, but still provided some useful answers.
Since then, one of us has visited the Zero Waste Lab again. This time there were more people present.

Since UpCycle seemingly doesn’t¬†exist anymore (though they could be merely renovating their place), they particulary can give us useful insights into what went wrong there that caused them to have to shut down (or what went so right that they have money to renovate the place). We’ve send them an email asking for an interview anyway.
The same is true for Wasted.

FabLab we’ve also sent a mail, since they told us it’d be better to make an appointment.
We plan on putting all these findings into matrices so that we can quickly see what aspect would/would not work.

RecyQ is a place we have yet to visit, though we’ve already attempted to contact them by mail shortly before writing this blog entry.
None of the places have responded to mails yet.

Additional to all this we’ve also worked on concepts already during the workshop with Charlie. We will certainly test these out later this sprint on our models existing of both the matrices, and the personas from last sprint.
We won’t just yet share these concepts, as they’ll need more refining. But there’s some promising stuff in there already.


WhatsApp Image 2017-03-29 at 17.21.42

Charlie in his workshop

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-30 at 11.51.14

The team working on concepts and putting together several findings.

More to come of this for sure.

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